Quantum Consulting is a Staff Augmentation and IT solutions provider that brings an innovative and proven approach to how organizations evaluate, architect and implement technology.


Who We Are?

The pride and strength are our people. To empower your clients with the latest technologies and designs you must first empower your employees with the latest knowledge and training. Here at Quantum we thrive on new technology and keeping ahead of the complex and ever changing curve is priority number one.

Quantum Consulting, Inc., is a comprehensive technical lab which utilizes the newest and cutting edge technologies to simulate designs and customer networks before implementation. This optimization allows our engineers to verify bugs, test new versions, decipher discrepancies and test designs before they are deployed to any client or customer network. Quantum Consulting, Inc., provides networking, services, and/or support, utilizing our knowledge, skills and expertise through principled partnerships with our customers.

Why Choose Us?

Our experience is what you need

Quantum can change your cost center and turn it into a profit center. Our custom solutions increase revenue opportunities as well as increase business procurement.

  • Cisco Unified Communications and Customer Interaction Solutions that leverage IP Telephony for Business Solutions.
  • Professional architects of Cisco Unified Contact Center and CRM solutions.
  • Network Compliance Management
  • Security Application Optimization
  • Increasing Return on Investment
  • Outsourcing services and consulting based tailored solutions.
  • Legacy implementations with cross vendor integration and knowledge.
  • Compliance and Architecture Review
  • Policy Development and Management
  • Data Loss Prevention, Virtual Private Networks, Intrusion Detection/Prevention, Email and Web Security

We are fluent with

  • Operating Cost Reduction
  • Business Methodology
  • Customization
  • Flexibility

We utilize our extensive experience in call center technologies to create a customized, leading-edge solution that will positively affect all aspects of your business.