Quantum Consulting is a Staff Augmentation and IT solutions provider that brings an innovative and proven approach to how organizations evaluate, architect and implement technology.


In Demand Solutions

Nobody combines the power of IP Telephony with Unified Communications solutions as well as Quantum Consulting. Our managers and engineers have designed Converged IP Solutions for some of the largest enterprise IP call centers in the country. We utilize our extensive experience in call center technologies to create a customized, leading-edge solution that will positively affect all aspects of your business.

The first step to an IP Converged solution is the business requirements gathering. Quantum will customize the process of discovery, assessment and evaluation to your company's business needs. Some of the most common business drivers are listed below.

  • Legacy Systems and their large financial liabilities, overhead and maintenance.
  • ACD, PBX and IVR systems no longer being supported or vendors End-Of-Life contracts being reached.
  • At home agent solutions that induce large monetary savings while reducing infrastructural overhead.
  • Drastically reduce misdirects while enhancing self service, including speech recognition.
  • Pushing the voice to the edge of the network can fuse Branch Site consolidations and keeps circuit costs to a minimum.

Whether it’s a migration from a legacy IVR, PBX, ACD, a phased migration, or a brand new Greenfield deployment, Quantum will help with the business and technical criteria that leads to a successful project.

When calculating the ROI for an IP solution, a myriad of calculations and information need to be accurate and up to date. We can perform a comprehensive ROI that will encompass IP Telephony, Unified Communications and data infrastructure. Listed below are a few of the criteria we utilize when creating an ROI.

We tailor fit the ROI assessments for each of our clients. Delivering an ROI that will kick start the process and invoke financial foresight is a key beginning step to successful IP Solutions.

  • Develop the business requirements documentation.
  • Perform a comprehensive audit of your current telephony and call center systems.
  • Apply the audit document with the business requirements doc. The purpose of this step is to verify your current needs and to discover and give suggestions for enhancements.
  • Create the preliminary high level project plan for analytical purposes.
  • Define the cost estimates you will use for representing and acquiring budgets.
  • Provide a consulting verses new project plan analysis for contingency purposes.
  • Hand over any knowledge and/or training deliverables from the assessment.

Quantum has become a recognized leader in the design and implementation of self service and assisted service automated solutions. Our primary focus is helping companies increase profitability and improve customer service by utilizing the newest technology to maximize the effectiveness of their call center operations.

How do we do it? Quantum combines the newest technology with the newest architectural designs. We understand that delivering the newest systems is imperative for a company’s survival in today’s high tech world.

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
  • Intelligent Call Routing and Call Queuing
  • Reporting Integration and Applications
  • Outbound and Blended Applications
  • Call Center Integration Applications
  • Speech Recognition
  • Text-to-Speech